Mercedes-Benz Türkiye Solutions Delivery Center
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01-02 December 2018

Mercedes-Benz Türk
Head Office Showroom

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About The Hackathon

With our global strategy CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric, we are on a journey to shape the future of mobility. We value the power of community to innovate together. If you have a passion for building products that challenge the status-quo, we'd like you to join us in this 2-day hacking weekend. We believe that product development is a team sport; therefore we welcome all makers with different talents; developers, designers, product enthusiasts or even if you are a newbie with a passion in building things.


The Challenge

  1. Build products & services leveraging Mercedes-Benz vehicle data
  2. Create personalized mobility experiences
  3. Innovate for a connected mobility ecosystem

The Spirit

  1. COLLABORATION - We support each other building things together
  2. RESPECT - Everyone and every idea is welcome
  3. FUN - Meet interesting people and enjoy


Warm Up

November 30, Friday










17:30 — 19:00


19:00 — 20:00


20:00 — 21:30

Hackathon introduction
Mercedes-Benz SDC Introduction

21:30 — 23:00

Ice-breaker & Networking

Day #1

December 01, Saturday
07:30 — 08:30


08:30 — 09:30

Arrival to Mercedes-Benz Head Office

10:00 — 11:00


11:00 — 13:00

Ideation & Lunch


Start Hacking

18:00 — 19:00


19:00 — 20:00


20:00 — 00:00

Continue hacking

00:00 —

Hack night

Day #2

December 02, Sunday
08:00 — 09:00


09:00 — 11:30

Continue hacking

11:30 — 13:00

Hacking wrap-up


Finish Hacking & Code Freeze

13:00 — 14:00


14:00 — 15:00

Project Expo

15:00 — 17:00

Presentations & Evaluation

17:00 — 17:30

Finalist Ceremony

27 October - 19 November 2018
Online Application and Evaluation
21 November 2018 Evening
Brown-Bag Session
30 November - 02 December 2018
04 December 2018
Awards Ceremony
* Accomodation will be provided after the Wrap-up session on November 30th.


1.Team Name: Janus

Project: Platoon.Me

Platoon.Me application aims to create savings on fuel consumption of long-distance trucks by forming a convoy with them. It matches the users of not only the same company but who are cruising to same destinations, so that helps both drivers and the nature win.

2.Team Name: P=nP

Project: Smart Lights

Smart Lights speeds up road transportation by bringing stock exchange approach to road junctions with the help of blockchain technology. As the result, it provides a quick drive to the people in a rush while generating revenues for those who have time to wait.

3.Team Name: Horozlar

Project: ChargeME

ChargeME ia an application developed with the purpose of providing location-based charge sharing on electric vehicles. With the help of the software, a driver with a low charge in a moving vehicle has the ability to find a charging partner right in the vehicle dashboard and be provided wireless charge transfer from a certain distance.

Hackathon Jury

Judging Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on the following main criteria:


    Is the idea a unique and authentic mobility solution?

    Is the idea technically feasible and scalable with a working prototype including prototype completeness & technical quality?

    Does the idea provide meaningful and relevant experiences to target users?

    Does the idea consider market and economic feasibility?

    Is there a potential to generate additional business value?


Registration for our Hack.Istanbul event has been closed.
Thank you for your interest!


Q.I’m not a developer, can I still join?

A.Yes. Creating new ideas requires diverse skills. We encourage teams to have designers, business majors, content creators and other members relevant skills. Hack.Istanbul is open for university students, graduates, young professionals and professionals. In short, for everybody. :)

Q.I am not a Turkish citizen. Am I still allowed to take part in the event?

A.Yes, we welcome attendees from anywhere in the world.

Q.Is there any participation fee for the event?

A.This is a free event to join, no fees exist.

Q.Are MBT employees and interns allowed to apply for the event?

A.No, we only allow attendees from outside the Mercedes organization.

Q.How many participants can be on a team?

A.Teams can have at minimum 3 and at most 5 members. We encourage people to apply as teams but we also accept individual applications and will help in teaming up. Every member on a team needs to register individually though, where team name can be specified in the application form.

Q.What’s the brown-bag session for?

A.Brown-bag session will be organized as a pre-meeting with the hackathon participants where Q&A, code of conduct principles and technology approach will be covered. This will also be an opportunity for the teams and individuals to get together and team-up.

Q.I am not living in Istanbul. Will you reimburse my travel cost?

A.We reimburse your travel cost up to ₺150, if you are coming from another city in Turkey and up to €150, coming from another country.

Q.Do you provide the accomodation?

A.Yes, we will provide hotel accomodation for Friday evening. During Saturday hack night, participants will stay in the hackathon space, where we provide quiet spaces for napping. We will provide transportation with our buses from the hotel to the hack area.

Q.Do I have to bring anything?

A.Yes, we expect you to bring your own laptop and smart phone with you.

Q.Will food be provided?

A.Yes. We will provide meals and snacks throughout the entire hackathon.

Q.How can I communicate with other hackers?

A.Participations will be added to our communication channel after confirmation. So, the participants can communicate with each other before the event starts.

Q.What is the language of the event?

A.The participants are free to speak any language during the event. The presentations will only be in English though.

Q.Will Mercedes-Benz Türk provide the platforms for developing applications?

A.We will provide several APIs to get started. You can also use free opensource software (FOSS) to develop your prototype. We do encourage using Github as the platform to publish your assets as well as using a continuous integration (CI) platform as part of your development pipeline and a cloud platform for deploying your solution. Our technical mentors will assist you throughout the event.

Q.Do I have to develop my project only based on the announced challenges?

A.Yes we encourage attendees to develop products based on the hackathon theme. We will run an ideation session to help you come up with problem definitions and solutions.

Q.Am I allowed to develop before the event?

A.No, we only accept development during the event.

Q.Who owns my project and IP?

A.Teams will retain ownership of the assets they develop. However, please take a look at our terms & conditions for further details.